Graphic Design

Interactive/Web Designer

From landing pages and blog templates to entire websites and mobile apps, the digital space is an interactive designer’s domain.

Creating a beautiful design is only part of the job. Interactive or web designers also need to understand the technology used to build websites and turn their designs into actual online experiences. As a result, some designers may have an understanding of front-end web development and might know programming languages such as JavaScript. That said, content management systems or CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal, are widely used for many websites today. They make it easier for designers to customize premade templates and themes without needing to work with a developer or know programming languages.

In general, web designers will know Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and some may also know CSS and HTML.

Because of the complexity of the web, there are many relatively new (and in-demand) skills designers may specialize in:

User experience (UX): explores the experience people have using a site, app, or tool to ensure it’s easy to use and not confusing.

User interface (UI): involves how people navigate through a site, app, or tool, using elements such as buttons, menus, color, and images.

Many designers may be skilled at both UX and UI.

Interaction design: focuses on how people are involved with the experience of the product, for example, a progress bar that shows where you are while signing up for a site or an icon that changes color to signal you’ve turned on a setting.

Information architecture (IA): involves creating the blueprint for a website by making sure it’s organized in an understandable way. Information architects come from a variety of backgrounds, including design, writing, library science, and psychology.

Interactive designers create:

  • Websites, landing pages, microsites, web pages
  • Blog templates and themes
  • Mobile apps
  • Banner ads
  • Social media assets
  • Email marketing assets
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